PenPick ®* is a desktop software color picker for artists, which runs on Windows and macOS. This software suggests which colored or graphite pencil you should use for the picked color. PenPick has two workable panels: one for colored pencils and one for graphite pencils.

The colored pencil panel suggests four most popular and highest-quality colored pencils to match the selected color:

  • 150 colored pencils by Prismacolor Premier
  • 120 colored pencils by Faber-Castell Polychromos
  • 76 colored pencils by Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901
  • 72 colored pencils by Derwent Coloursoft and 72 colored pencils by Derwent Procolour, mixed.

The graphite panel automatically converts color images to black and white and suggests among 20 nuances of graphite by any brand.

PenPick was originally created by the pencil artist, Jasmina Susak, as a mobile phone app, Color Picker for Artists, which has been greeted and welcomed by artists all around the world, both beginners and experienced ones. This led the artist to the idea of making the desktop version, which has the additional Accuracy feature. The PenPick also has a Print Screen feature that enables you to save the suggested pencils for a particular area, so you don't have to remember which one you used. You can also copy a hex number (HTML code for the colors) and paste it anywhere else. Uploaded images can be zoomed in, which allows you to pick the colors from tiny areas.

When drawing or painting from reference photos, we want to find the most appropriate colored or graphite pencil to use, which is not easy. The pencil catalogs and brochures on the Internet and inside the product packaging often show the swatches which appear completely different than the ones created with the pencils. This software suggests which colored or graphite pencil matches more to the color picked from the reference photos. The Accuracy feature shows how accurate the suggestion is. The closer a recommendation is to 100%, the more accurate it is. If the accuracy indicator is above 90%, this means that you can use the colored or graphite pencil with confidence. If it is above 80%, it is still pretty accurate. When the accuracy indicator is under 60%, you will have to consider the suggestion, or mix it with other pencils. Since there are just 490 colored pencils to be recommended, and there are millions of colors that can be picked, it is impossible to have the perfect match every time. The software suggests the closest match which can differ slightly, or very much from the selected color. Therefore, the Accuracy feature is really helpful.

With the help of PenPick you will save time in selecting the pencils and your artworks will look more realistic and lifelike. The drawing process will be much easier, since this software takes the guesswork out of drawing. Download PenPick and start using the right pencils!

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In the videos below, you can see how pencil artist, Jasmina Susak uses this app and chooses the right colored pencils with the help of this app:

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One of the customers using "Color Picker for Artists" on their tablet:

You can also download mobile app Color Picker for Artists, which is the same as the PenPick ®, except for the Accuracy feature. The Accuracy feature is included only in desktop versions.

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